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Outcomes and Evaluation

Whole School project intermediate and long terms outcomes include:

  • Improved academic, social, and emotional outcomes.
  • Increased sense of connection to self, other, and world
  • Increased feeling of being seen, valued, safe, engaged, challenged and supported
  • Increased sense of trust, engagement, effective collaboration amongst colleagues
  • Growth in capacity to:
    • Build relationships with and among all students;
    • Respond effectively and appropriately to differences among students;
    • Be reflective practitioners who self-monitor and adjust their behaviors as circumstances require;
    • Demonstrate care for themselves and their students;
    • Collaborate with their leaders and colleagues to co-create a safe, happier and healthier school climate.
School Leaders
  • Development of more effective communication skills and authentic “presence”
  • Increased skills and capacities in cultural responsiveness,
  • Development of deeper understanding of change strategies for complex systems and enhanced capacity to build relational trust
  • Increased sense of engagement in school, as partners in their children’s education
  • Greater sense of trust and confidence  in the capacity of schools to meet the needs and aspirations of their children
PassageWorks tracks its progress toward overall program goals including financial sustainability targets and progress toward a “model” for Whole School Transformation.

In addition, PassageWorks conducts evaluations of all of its courses and programs, and contracts with outside evaluators and universities from time to time to design survey instruments and to conduct external program evaluations and research studies.

An effective intervention is one thing…Implementation of an effective intervention is a very different thing. ~ Mark T. Greenberg, Founding Director, Prevention Research Center, Penn State University

Implementation Science

In addition we regularly consult with The Implementation Group in Denver to provide additional research, evaluation, consultation and technical assistance. The Implementation Group, leaders in the field of Implementation Science, uses this framework to support best practices in the diffusion of behavioral change in health and human services fields.

PassageWorks is a 501(c)(3) under federal tax guidelines. Tax ID: 48-1278766