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Whole Schools

PassageWorks’ Whole School Transformative Learning Initiative directly supports and empowers educators, students, and families with a focus on the “school” as the fundamental “learning community” or unit of change. Whole School projects employ “Engaged Teaching” practices, principles, and tools that integrate academic learning with social and emotional learning, mindfulness, cultural responsiveness, and whole systems thinking. PassageWorks Institute (PWI) collaborates with teachers and school leaders to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that create safe, meaningful, and engaged learning communities that respect and honor the diverse views and experiences of students, families, and educators. This relationship-based approach to teaching and learning includes a balance of warmth, structure, and high expectations that fosters student engagement, resilience, and confidence. This systems approach to transforming school culture focuses on developing “Teachers Leaders” who become facilitators of professional learning programs in order to maintain long-term sustainable change. The program interventions include: courses, professional learning workshops, publications, coaching, formative and summative assessments, and systems implementation consulting.

The Whole School Transformative Learning Initiative directly connects to these aspirations of integrating social, emotional and academic learning through relationship-based work and collaboration with educators. The program employs an inside-out approach to cultivating the “inner life” of both teachers and students in support of them developing healthy relationships with themselves, with each other, the community, and the larger world.

The core of our work is to respect, empower, and collaborate with educators. We begin each engagement with school teams by recognizing the knowledge and experience already in the school, and building on that foundation. Our goal of empowerment evolves into “Teacher Leader” teams which ultimately results in teachers becoming agents of change in their schools.

We focus on the school as the fundamental unit of change because with the right conditions of readiness, it can support, reinforce, and sustain an authentic and effective “learning community.” PWI serves K-12 Educators, students, and families in urban, suburban, and rural school communities.

PassageWorks is a 501(c)(3) under federal tax guidelines. Tax ID: 48-1278766