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The Wellness Initiative

TWI Logo SmallIn Fall 2014, The Wellness Initiative (TWI) Board of Directors voted to gift its programs and resources to PassageWorks. PassageWorks has shared the TWI vision of  welcoming and supporting the whole student in the classroom.

TWI was founded in 2006 to provide yoga to students and educators in Colorado and to address the growing concern that low-income students of all ages suffer from increasingly stressful and unhealthy lives. TWI’s mission was to improve the physical health, social and emotional development and academic performance of low-income youth through yoga-based wellness programs. Many of the students in TWI programs lacked the opportunities and tools to relax, reflect, strengthen, and focus, therefore their self-confidence, physical health, and academic performance suffered. TWI effectively addressed these issues by serving over 10,000 students and 500 teachers in 37 schools throughout Colorado. TWI offered three different programs to benefit school communities. They included yoga classes for students, Tools for Teachers workshops, and yoga classes for teachers and staff.

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TWI’s mission will continue to live on through their trained yoga teachers and educators. Several TWI teachers have started their own school-based yoga programs and many former TWI schools continue to contract with TWI teachers to bring yoga to their students.

PassageWorks will integrate TWI’s experience, practices and principles into their programs for educators. In fact, PassageWorks’ founder, Rachael Kessler, attended the first TWI Advisory Board meeting in early 2006. She provided guidance and invaluable connections to TWI in its early development before her untimely passing in 2010.

TWI is proud of the impact it has had and grateful for the diverse community that supported its work. If you are interested in connecting with a TWI teacher to bring yoga to your school, explore the list of former TWI teachers continuing the work or please contact us.

PassageWorks is a 501(c)(3) under federal tax guidelines. Tax ID: 48-1278766