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Culturally Responsive Leadership Program – Open to the Public and Denver Cohort, Feb. 20 – Feb. 22, 2020

Brief Program Description:
The Culturally Responsive Leadership Program is a two and a half-day workshop (with post-course follow-up) designed for administrators, campus monitors, counselors, and teachers. The program will focus on transforming educator perspectives and practices to help lead their schools in creating learning environments and experiences that engage students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Learning Cohort participants will engage in experiential activities that access knowledge from professional practice and relevant research to address biases related to race, gender, class, language and other differences that impede teaching and learning.

The program will explore the aspirations, attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors that characterize culturally responsive leadership.  Specifically, the program will support educators to acknowledge and respond to biases in ways that build relationships with colleagues, students, and families, and promote social justice in the school culture.  School teams will collaborate on creating new approaches and strategies that engage “all students regardless of their race, gender, ethnic background or learning style.”

Program Design:
The Culturally Responsive Leadership Program begins with an experiential 2½ day professional learning workshop, followed by individual coaching or group sessions. The program is designed to develop school-wide impact by building school-based teams made up of administrators and teachers. During the program, school teams of 2-5 staff will engage in practices, restorative processes and approaches to promote equitable schooling. Teams will engage in collaborative planning to develop strategies for their schools that address the critical issues of race, class, and gender.

The program will include discussion and reflection on segments from the film:  Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity. The film describes a “systemic approach to understanding racial inequity as a precursor to building strategies that address racial and socio-economic barriers.”

Program Topics:
Culture and Identity, including Cultural Codes and Language ♦ Privilege and Unconscious Bias ♦ Facilitating productive conversations about race, class, gender, and other biases ♦ Developing strong relationships across difference ♦ Affirming Cultural Stories and Artifacts ♦ Internalized Racism, Interpersonal Racism, and Institutional Racism ♦ Leadership for Sustainable Change

Day One – Thursday, February 20
4:00pm – 7:30pm: Workshop Time (Dinner Included)
Day Two – Friday, February 21
8:00am – 3:30pm: Workshop Time (Breakfast and Lunch Included)
Day Three – Saturday, February 22
8:00am – 3:30pm: Workshop Time (Breakfast and Lunch Included)

Course Fee:
TDF Cohort : $0.00 (course fee is covered by the grant)
ECE-12 Staff and Faculty: $990.00
Scholarships are available.  Please contact

Certificate of Completion:
Participants who complete the program will receive a certificate for 23 hours of professional development.  One graduate credit is available through Colorado State University for an additional cost of $63.

Please contact Vinita Unny at or 303-247-0156  with questions and concerns.

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Completing the Year with Intention

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Supporting Students in Challenging Times

We are currently living in a tense social and political climate, with a great deal of polarization within our communities. With so much change and daily turmoil in the news, students are not only managing their own personal stress about school, family, and growing up- they are also having to negotiate their questions and concerns […]

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Mindful Leadership for Educators

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Creating Inclusive, Relationship-Based Classrooms

Modeling and teaching cultural responsiveness is an essential ingredient in creating an inclusive, relationship-based classroom in which all students thrive. With every student demographic, this approach develops critical skills and awareness that relate directly to learning outcomes and students’ capacity for success in a global culture and workplace. Geneva Gay (2000), in her book Culturally Responsive […]

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Heart in Classroom

Cultivating a Caring Community: An Essential Aspect of Creating Engaged Classrooms

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