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PassageWorks programs employ “Engaged Teaching” practices, principles, and tools that integrate academic learning with social and emotional learning, mindfulness, cultural responsiveness, and whole systems thinking. PassageWorks collaborates with teachers and school leaders to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that create safe, meaningful, and engaged learning communities that respect and honor the diverse views and experiences of students, families, and educators. This relationship-based approach to teaching and learning includes a balance of warmth, structure, and high expectations that fosters student engagement, resilience, and confidence.

Programs Include:

All of our programs integrate the four strands of the Engaged Teaching Approach:

Social-Emotional Learning

SEL is a set of skills and capacities that support self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. Social, Emotional and Academic Learning embraces a “relationship-based” approach to teaching and learning.


Mindfulness is a natural human capacity to pay attention to our experience as it is happening in real time. When we intentionally cultivate this capacity through practice we enhance our ability to focus, to regulate our emotions and to extend compassion and kindness to ourselves and others. >> See More

Cultural Responsiveness

Culturally responsive practice builds learning communities of “inclusive excellence.” The ongoing practice of cultural responsiveness includes conscientiously interacting with other people and with systems—with an awareness of our own histories, contexts, filters and habits of mind AND with curiosity and an open heart. We enter each encounter willing to be informed and changed by the interaction and each other’s cultural perspective.

Whole Systems Thinking

Whole Systems thinking fosters cross-system collaboration and integrated interventions that honor and build on the wisdom and intelligence in the existing community to create sustainable long-term change.

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