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The 5 Dimensions of Engaged Teaching

In this highly experiential course, we will explore the five dimensions of engaged teaching—a framework that cultivates our capacity to joyfully and effectively meet the complex demands of our profession. Throughout the course we will engage in core practices and principles that support educators to develop and sustain a reflective teaching practice, manage stress, cultivate our own social and emotional intelligence, and successfully collaborate with colleagues. Through a variety of activities and formats, we will reconnect to our authentic spark for teaching, explore our challenges, and further develop our resilience and resourcefulness.

This course will explore ways educators can:

  • Develop and sustain an authentic and reflective teaching practice;
  • Manage stress and multiple priorities through the use of self-observation and mindfulness practices;
  • Participate in creating a thriving culturally responsive school climate;
  • Cultivate our own social and emotional intelligence;
  • Integrate social, emotional and academic learning in any content area;
  • Build a professional community of trust and authenticity with their colleagues;
  • Develop their own inner capacities (through the five dimensions of engaged teaching) to meet the challenges and opportunities of the profession;
  • Reconnect with our “spark” for teaching.


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