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Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques in Education™

Mindfulness in Education
SMART in Education™ is an evidenced-based personal renewal program designed especially for faculty and staff working in ECE-12 settings


SMART™ supports participants in:

  • Re-connecting to personal and professional meaning and purpose
  • Finding balance and cultivating emotional intelligence
  • Improving mental and physical health

Research results show that participants who complete the program experience:

  • Reduced occupational stress and burnout
  • Reduced feelings of anxiety and depression
  • More focused attention
  • Increased working memory capacity
  • Greater mindfulness
  • Higher levels of self-compassion

The program involves experiential activities in mindfulness including: meditation, emotional awareness and movement. Weekly meetings also include presentations and group discussions.

The benefits of this course are strongly connected to participant engagement in daily, at home exercise.

Key topics in the course include:

  • Concentration, attention and mindfulness
  • Understanding and regulation of emotions
  • Empathy, compassion and forgiveness

SMART in Education alumni report that the impact of the program goes far beyond improved personal well-being.  The benefits of this transformational experience also extend to relationships with family, friends, colleagues and students.

  • “It has been priceless.  I need this in my life constantly.”
  • “I have changed while taking this class…This has made me a more relaxed and happier person….”
  • “I have never experienced this in all my years of teaching.  The kids are really calm.”
  • “I am getting a lot more than I bargained for.  I am softer and kinder to the world.”
  • “I now approach my day with greater confidence.”

Try the Pause Practice (5 minutes)


La Practica de Pausa (5 minutes)


SMART in Education is a 20-hour program delivered once a week for 8 weeks after school along with a half day Saturday retreat.   CEU credits are available from Colorado State University and districts may choose to offer other forms of credit.

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Group Rates are Available to Schools and Districts

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