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Creating Engaged Classrooms

A practical relationship-based approach to creating caring, rigorous learning communities where students excel and thrive.

This highly experiential course for K-12 educators will offer core practices and principles that foster students’ social, emotional, and academic development and support teachers to develop and sustain an intentional teaching practice. Educators will experience practical tools and strategies for creating rigorous, relationship-based learning communities that support students to excel academically, think creatively and critically, develop their leadership capacities, manage their emotions, work with others who are different from themselves, and communicate effectively.

This course will explore ways educators can:

  • systematically create a caring learning community where students increase focus and motivation, develop empathy and compassion, and experience a sense of meaning and purpose;
  • participate in creating a thriving culturally responsive school climate;
  • integrate social, emotional and academic learning in any content area
  • utilize focusing activities, silence, mindfulness, play, symbolic and creative expression, and community building in any classroom;
  • support the inner lives* of students and teachers in schools;
  • address stages of group development throughout the ‘learning journey’ of the school year;
  • support students to effectively navigate transitions;
  • develop and sustain an intentional teaching practice through the ‘teaching presence’ framework (engaging our self-observer, being present, expanding our emotional range, practicing respectful discipline, teaching with an open heart);
  • reconnect with our “spark” for teaching.

*By “inner life” we refer to that essential aspect of human nature that yearns for deep connection, grapples with questions about meaning, and seeks a sense of purpose and genuine self-expression.

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