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What Will It Take?

  What will it take to end oppression of any and all humans in these United States (USA)? Social justice change will require sustained and informed dialogue, accountability, responsible leadership, and community outrage that builds awareness, understanding, and compassionate actions. The time is now.  400 years of internalized supremacy, privilege, and inequities – more than […]

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Teaching and Leading for Equity

“Leadership is taking responsibility for what matters to you.” ~Dr. Julien Weissglass “The troubles of our country—indeed, the troubles of our world—can be addressed only if we help ourselves and our children touch the deep humanity of our collective spirit and regain the deep respect for the earth that spawned us.” ~Lisa Delpit, Other People’s […]

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Connection Across Divides

Creating Connection Across Divides

These are challenging times in our country—a time when there is much division, polarization, and heartache in our communities. Wherever we are at this time, as educators we can continue to remember what our commitment is to young people—and how we can make a difference by creating environments where all students are served and where […]

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Completing the Year with Intention

The end of 2019 is upon us! Along with the celebratory activities of this time of year come increased stressors and pressure—from finals and end of semester projects to social events and family gatherings. And, this year, all of this pre-holiday activity is taking place in the midst of intense national and international politics and […]

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Secondary Trauma is an Occupational Hazard of Teaching.

There is a great deal of conversation in schools these days regarding trauma-sensitive (informed?) schooling. The laudable goal is to help educators understand the enormous impact of out of school trauma on student learning and behavior and to enable educators to reframe their teaching “moves/approach” to better support students and avoid re-traumatizing them. The trauma-sensitive […]

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