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PassageWorks Institute has a team of over 24 career educators with extensive and diverse experience in the four strands of our work: Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness, Cultural Responsiveness, and Systems Thinking.  Our faculty team works closely with the full-time staff to lead and facilitate courses, support whole school projects, and develop publications, courses, and curricular resources. This team approach is a core strength of PassageWorks. By collaborating with experienced educators, we continue to develop richer and more effective programs and strengthen our connections to the field. Collaboration and cross-program teams have also fostered greater alignment of values, stronger relationships and broader and more diverse perspectives to inform our work in schools.

Click on the below links to explore our faculty pages and meet the teams to whom we owe all our success.

PassageWorks is a 501(c)(3) under federal tax guidelines. Tax ID: 48-1278766