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The Mindful Teacher

The Mindful Teacher:  Bringing Presence and Practices to the Classroom is a two, three or four semester program offered to schools that have a cohort of between 16 and 25 teachers who have completed a program supporting the development of personal mindfulness practice for educators.  SMART in Education™, offered by PassageWorks is one such program.

As its name implies The Mindful Teacher program helps teachers sustain their own practice as they learn to bring mindfulness to their students.

Key components of the program include:

  • Saturday (or other whole day) trainings for all participants.
  • The development and support of a sub group of school based Peer Leaders who will provide individual coaching to teachers, coordination of school based learning communities focused on mindfulness in the classroom and ongoing sustainability for mindfulness in the school.
  • An initial framework for student practices based on the Mindfulness in Education Workbook by Daniel Rechtschaffen which includes physical, attentional, emotional, social and global practices.
  • The cultivation of participants’ capacity to be reflective practitioners who can choose and modify practices and strategies from a growing field that meet the particular needs of each new cohort of students.
  • A first year program that supports the introduction of practices across all grade levels or subjects by all participants. Additional semesters (scheduled based on each school’s choice) deepen the capacities of Peer Leaders and broaden the practice repertoire of other participating staff.
  • A complementary retreat program, Working With The Stress of School Leadership, provides school building leaders with an opportunity to develop a personal mindfulness practice in a group of their peers.


  • Maintaining a personal mindfulness practice
  • Bringing mindful presence to the classroom
  • Skillfully leading developmentally appropriate mindfulness practices with students that focus on attention, emotional awareness, and kindness
  • Promoting student engagement and leadership in mindfulness practices
  • Developing capacities to reflect on and adapt mindfulness practices to the needs of each classroom
  • Creating mindful physical and social environments in the classroom
  • Participating in a collaborative, reflective cohort and building a supportive network to sustain personal and classroom practice


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